Move Together and Make a Home Together

This is one of the certainly most exciting moments in your life. You are in love. You are happy. You have butterflies in your stomach and warmth in your heart. couple-1190906_960_720You see your reflection in someone else’s eyes and you see him as the most precious and wonderful creature on Earth. You are enthusiastic about the future. You don’t sleep and eat and dream, because you don’t need to. The reality is what you are chasing and as soon as it is so damn perfect you need nothing more. But everything becomes even better and you even more joyful, when you two are finally moving in together. There are no words capable of describing the feelings in your heart in this single moment. You are flying. You are building something more serious step by step and the idea of having someone to rely on is making you feel secure. But then comes this initial over excitement somehow evaporates when you step back on the ground and notice the real dimensions of what is happening now. You are moving out with the person you love most and this is a good thing, right? But what if you cannot live together? What if you irritate one another? What if he makes you mad or what if you drive him crazy? What comes next then – a “break up” or “we will still be friends for real”? The fear is conquering slowly your mind and you are super nervous now. You feel like you are having an important exam next week, but the worst part is that it will not last a week only. And then comes the last question. How could you handle the disappointment? How could you live with it? Well, the truth is that you need to keep calm and think about this.

Moving In Together Means Compromises

It is all about compromises in life, we are often told. And we genuinely agree. But when it is about time to start living with another person, we tend not to like making compromises. We want everything. We want our belongings and our space. We won’t nothing to change, while in fact everything is changing. We want the other person to change his habits, but we are not keen on changing ours. We are stubborn. And we don’t need to be. That is why, you need to remember: the compromise is the key.

Moving In Together is Better on Neutral Land

You have your own place, your home, your room, your stuff. Your beloved one has, as well. But when you decide to start living together, you better find a new place. This will be neither yours not his or hers, but this will be just your own house. You will keep most of your stuff, but you will be able to buy together something new, to choose the design, to make memories, building a home. And this is precious. So the neutral land is key factor for a smooth moving in together. Remember!